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Featured Customer Publication: The Fang lab employed both conventional GBS and tGBS for genotyping in tetraploid cotton and validated markers discovered by each system. Click here to download their paper published in The Plant Genome to see how the accuracy and utility of the two techniques compared.

Overview of tGBS - Genotyping by Sequencing on Ion Proton™ System

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies are revolutionizing biology (video). Data2Bio™ has been assisting clients overcome the challenges of designing, executing, analyzing and interpreting NGS projects since 2010. Data2Bio has clients on continents except for Antarctica and has worked with over 30 species. Our team has extensive experience with both Life Technologies and Illumina NGS technologies (since).

We offer a variety of breeding support services including our BSR-Seq mapping service, proprietary tGBS genotyping service, turn-key genomic selection projects and SNP discovery/marker development. We can also design a custom project according to your requirements.

Data2Bio's proprietary genotyping-by-sequencing technology (tGBS) employs single-stranded oligos rather than double stranded adapter sequences, in addition to selective bases to provide superior genotyping results as compared to conventional GBS. We can work with established model species as well as "orphan species" that lack reference genomes. We think you'll be pleased with the results. We specialize in both quality and speed.

NGSeasy™ Services

Gene mapping via Bulked Segregant RNA-Seq (BSR-Seq) service.
tGBS™ efficiently genotypes mapping populations and diversity panels
Genomic Selection (GS) imcreases the efficiency of breeding projects
RNA-seq & Transcriptome assembly to discover differentially expressed genes.
Genome and transcriptome resequencing to discover genetic variants (i.e., SNPs)
Describe your requirements and we will design an experiment.