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Learn more about how tGBS works: Our manuscript describing the tGBS method in detail, as well as example datasets created by genotyping of mini-diversity panels, RILs, and F2 lines, and comparisons to conventional genotyping by sequencing (cGBS) is now available for download at bioxriv

Founded in 2010, Data2Bio offers a range of services, including SNP discovery, RNA-seq, high-throughput genotyping, gene mapping and breeding support. We assist clients on six continents with projects as focused as mapping and cloning an individual gene, and as complex as designing and conducting multiyear breeding programs that rely on genomic selection. Our customers work on over 30 species ranging from major crops and livestock to species which have never previously been investigated using genomic tools.

Data2Bio was founded and is led by scientists with extensive experience managing active research programs. Hence, we understand what is required for success: appropriate experimental design, reliable and accurate results, delivered on time, that are both understandable and actionable. Our goal is not only to ensure you are happy with your results but also that you are never left scratching your head wondering, "so, what's the next step?"



Genomic Selection

BSR-seq is Data2Bio's method for mapping qualitative traits. This method, an adaption of bulk segregant analysis, typically maps the causal loci for Mendelian traits to a 1-2 cM interval using only two pooled RNA samples collected from a segregating F2 or F1BC1 population. BSR-Seq also identifies large numbers of closely linked SNPs that can be employed during fine mapping and/or marker-assisted backcrossing.
tGBS® (tunable-GBS) is Data2Bio's proprietary Genotyping-by-Sequencing technology. Unique features of tGBS permit the accurate genotyping of both heterozygous individuals and polyploid species. In addition, these same features make tGBS effective in species without sequenced reference genomes. Data2Bio typically delivers genotyping calls from tGBS in 8 weeks, and in as few as 4 weeks for time-critical projects.
tGBS makes it straightforward to develop genomic selection models in any species, from major crop and livestock species to orphan and nascent crops. Data2Bio can construct and validate a genomic selection model and provide you with recommended crossing instructions each generation.

Overview of tGBS

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